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     On August 29th is an important moment for all IndieMusic Community on Sidoarjo who joined IndieNation. That night, was the end of IndieNation event on Sidoarjo. I don’t know when that event held later. All bands which perform prepared theirselves for the best,coz’this is their last performance on IndieNation. Some bands got differences by played their song as acoustic music. Freak performance, etc. For this time, that event not held on Delta Café 5, but on ReHotBurger. Outdoor area.


     We did too. We got a dress code. We worn white shirt with tie. We want to be natty band. We played not only our songs called Indahnya Cinta and tak Pernah Menyadari but also jazz song called Are You Here with Me (by Bali Lounge). All audience paid good attention for our music, this matter signed by all clapped hands.

     One thing that impressed us is the performance of Kid band. They are 11-14 years old but they can played rock music such as Saint Loco and Hardcore music. Especially the drummer. He can played all song very very well. I think, he is the best youngest drummer I ever seen. Feellow think so.


We stayed there until the end of the event.





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     On August 27th, 2008 IndieNation held on Delta Café 5 Sidoarjo. Feellow joined for the second time. We went there by a classic red ferdy’s car. Teddy, our real guitarist attended the event after the past he passed away. We started to run away from our home town at 5.30 PM, then arrived there at 7.30 PM.

     We got the first performer, so we had to prepare ourselves immediately. Before that, Adhit had time to practice some notes of the second voice. We played song called : Indahnya cinta (by Feellow), Tak Pernah Menyadari (by Feellow), and our masterpiece, Toto’s song called Africa. We prepared four songs, but there was a tight time, and some of the bands is brand new bands which joined that event, so we just played three songs.

     After that, we took a seat on back side. A few moment later, a thin man drawing near us. He want to took a photo for Feellow to be published on his magazine, called Musikku Magazine. He took some photo for us then he started to interviewed us. He asked about why the band called Feellow, What will we do for the next, Where is our homebase, who is the contact person, etc. I think he is friendly man, and we glad to talked with him.

     At 11.00 PM we moved back to our momma. But Ferdy doesn’t think so,coz’his father and mother attended the event as a sweet watcher. They’re supported their son on music, so did we.


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     IndieNation is an event which uniting the most of indie band on east java in a community of indie music. They are many kind of music genre such as pop, alternative, hardcore, jazz and more. They don’t mind about the genre, coz the important one is friendship, share about music, share about girl (maybe). We are free to introduce our music to music society, and their greeting was awesome. They clapped their hand when each song ended. I mean, Our music paid by clapped hands.

     Feellow joined the event, we come up on August, 17th, 2008 at Delta 5 Café, Sidoarjo. But, some problems appear. Teddy, our guitarist can’t be attend because he was on Jakarta to visited his family and difficult to got a ticket to Malang. So, we asked to our last guitarist Ian “Bokir” to be an additional guitarist (it called reunion).


     We know about IndieNation from Adhit’s brothers. He joined for years.


     We went there with a car whose drive by Solar (it’s a name, the real name is Rahmat Hidayat), he is our schoolmate on high school. But, our friendship never end.

      We arrived there on 8. we found an empty desk, then sat. We saw 3 bands, one metal band and the others alternative band. We were on stage at 9. we played song called “Indahnya Cinta” (by Feellow), “Rosanna” (by Toto), “Tak Pernah Menyadari” (by Feellow), “Mind Trick” (by Jammie Cullum). We think they are fun song to sing. Especially Toto. They are an inspirational musician for us. We have to learned more with them. Our music inspirator is Toto, we love Toto.

     The audience greet was great. All of them clapped their hand. We paid with it. That was good for starter.







Feellow & Messenger ON AIR

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Welcome in our new blogs.

Nice to meet u all :p